Website designs are simply to design the website that appeared on the internet. It generally depends on clients or user experience aspects of website development other than software development. Designing websites are focused on by web designers for any desktop browser. In the mid2010 mobile and tablet gets a rapid growth so design for this gadget also become more important. These web design agency work on the layout, appearance, and some other cases of website content. Appearance for the websites is related to the font images and colours used. Layout relates to how the information is perfectly structured and categorized based on content. A perfect website design is easy to use, suits its user group, is aesthetically pleasing, and name of the website. Most of the website is designed with simple information so that it doesn’t contain unwanted things that distractor confuses the user mind. The most important one in business is web designer’s output, if it wins then it attracts all kinds of audiences. Some points are removed from the user’s point of view that is a more critical one. The most common methods for website designing that suit both mobile and desktop are adaptive and responsive design. In responsive design, some information or content moves randomly depends on screen size in mobile, website information is fixed in size so that it matches with common screen size. A layout that is consistent between any device is critical to maintaining engagement and user trust. This method will present difficulties and designers must have cautious of how it works and how it appears. If the designers are responsible for the information, then they have to maximize the skillset. Most designers enjoy the work because they have full control of well-finished products.


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Client’s problems are solved by web designers, user’s problems are solved by UX designers. Common work for website designers or web designers is: first they have to figure out the client’s problem then they have to design a good solution for those problems and the process for developing and testing the website before its release. After the website is released, web designers are rarely involved in the testing site, collect queries from users, and then apply them to the design. Another designing process is the UX design process, it is the same as the iterative problem-solving process. This design starts with user research, it’s an important one to know about the user product and then figure out the problems and gets a step to solve them and gets to know what user wants and solution for that. This user research is done through observations, drafting user stories, interviews, demographic studies, and personas, etc. For these things, UX designers are to create solutions for user needs and bring back the prototype to the user to test its usability or validity. After products were released UX designers heard more feedback while compared to web designers, which fetch into new rounds of user research and then start the process again. UX designers work with colour and typography and motion design, information architecture, psychology, and content curation. Web designer makes the impact understandably in websites, UX designers make it as emotionally and have to pick some more additional knowledge in some areas.