People can mostly work for six days weekly; they can get one day as a holiday. They can try to get that day faster when they were starting Monday. People randomly think about when the holiday will start. The government can give them a Sunday holiday. So, they can spend their time with their children, friends, family. And if they won’t go to some other places like shopping, movies, fun types. They can enjoy it there on Sunday. And as on follow the link to the list of all holidays in germany . The government can give a lot of holiday on a given day in a month, and it’s called the government holiday.

In government holidays, high school students can enjoy more because they can get many holidays from the government. Like the new year, Christmas, etc. They can enjoy the day by sharing their gifts with others, and they can share themselves. Can go to a party at night time make some fun of the festive night. And students are also got holidays in summer. In summer they can go to a camp or a friend’s house, or we can study some stuff, they can study a lot during the summer holiday.

Some day for worker

follow the link to the list of all holidays in germany

There is also a worker’s day; it’s totally for workers. They can enjoy that day. It’s was May 1. Workers’ day ore also called labour days. We can celebrate a day for workers, like public workers, police, doctor, etc. All are helped to make a country so good and make society proud of others. Its salary can give by a government some time company owners can give some bonus on those days for their happiness. When workers are happy, people are so happy. And if they have any problem like an amount problem, it a company problem, he/she can complain to a court about what happened. They have full right to that.


There will be a holiday for children, while in summer, to go to some camp or vacation to their comparable homes. They can take care of them. Or sometimes they can go to camps, in there they can learn about how to build a tent or knock a rope. And some tips like tow to make a fire with any materials. It will be so useful if they are just stuck in the forest, can get some help while they can get fire. Some time a camp master can teach us how to fight, or how to defend if someone went to beat, or anyone danger we can help them. So, the teacher can teach this for adults and small children, etc. It’s all made by the summer holidays.

Last month surprises

In the year-end, we can get a festival known as Christmas. This holiday can get in the whole world. For necessary we can purchase a gift for them. And we can give a lot of gifts to children. Children can love gifts, so good gifts them. For homeless people, we can get some gift to them, and it will be happier for them and us. So, we want to take care of all people we love till we alive we want to support them.