February 22, 2021 – beginning February 23, 2021, non-public and impartial agency customers will keep paying Season of-utilization and Layered estimating under the controlled fee Plan (RPP) at fees that had been set with the aid of the OEB on December 15, 2020. Recognize more.

As a component of our order, we set the prices that your software expenses for the energy you use in your own home or independent venture. These costs display upon the strong line of your bill. We additionally set the Conveyance fees that cowl the cost to bring power to commonly private and impartial mission clients. See a depiction of the entirety of the fees that display up in your electricity bill. Then, to reduce the electricity bill you have to Power to Choose them correctly.

Styles of electricity fees

For personal and unbiased employer customers that buy strength from their utility, there are two specific kinds of quotes (moreover called prices right here). The Ontario strength Board units both:

Season of-utilization (TOU) – With TOU, the price relies upon while you operate energy. Discover extra about TOU expenses and handling your electricity prices.

Layered – With layered charges, a consumer makes use of a specific measure of strength every month at a lower cost. When you surpass that restriction, the price goes up. Peruse greater beneath approximately Layered costs.

Power to Choose

On the off hazard that you comply with through TOU charges, you’ll now be capable of determining to change to Layered expenses. Peruse greater approximately picking your strength value plan. For customers that have pursued an agreement with a strength retailer, the cost is about out within the agreement. The Ontario electricity Board does not manage this. Peruse greater approximately agreements.

How strength fees are set

We set energy charges for personal and unbiased enterprise clients. We survey those instances every 12 months, on might also 1 and Nov 1, and if fundamental, we trade those charges.

We moreover set dispersion quotes, which show up on the Conveyance line of your invoice. Those are the quotes your software charges to convey energy to your own home or personal organization. Test whether or not your application has made a new utility to us to alternate their dispersion quotes. You could:

See what they are requesting and for what legitimate purpose, and deliver your remarks at the net

Discover even as forthcoming local gatherings and hearings are being held with the goal that you may be part of.

See records recognized with the case

Present-day programs

Layered charges

With Layered prices, you could make use of a specific degree of strength each month at a decrease price. While that limit (called a facet) is passed, an extra cost applies. the edge modifications with the season to reflect changing utilization designs – for example, there are much fewer lengthy durations of mild within the colder time of year and some clients utilize electric powered warming.

Layered prices give you the adaptability to make use of energy every time of day at a comparable fee, albeit that price will exchange within the event which you surpass the brink all through the month.

Electricity expenses in strength contracts

Much less than 1 out of 10 customers in Ontario buy their power from an energy retailer. If you’re thinking of marking a strength agreement, you’ll comply with through at the price in the settlement, which isn’t always controlled by using the Ontario Energy Board.